Tuesday, April 9, 2013

When it rains...

Chained Sea Glass, 2012

This has been a hectic week.  Make that month.  Maybe two months?

I have several big deadlines for work on Monday, April 15.  They will all get done.  It's not optional.  Oddly, I'm not as stressed as I normally would be...

And the 2nd reveal of the Bead Soup Blog Party is Saturday, April 13.  I just finished the guts of my first piece -- all that's left are the focal and the clasp.  It took a long time for inspiration to hit, but when it did -- wowza!  I must say...I've never tried bead crochet with wire, but I LOVE the way it looks!  With luck, I'll finish it tomorrow night and then take photos Thursday. I can't wait to see what my partner, Kate Dufour, has made. 

I have 7 bracelets on order for Mother's Day/Teacher Appreciation Week, and JoAnn's has stopped carrying my go-to jump rings.  While I wait for some to come from far off lands via Amazon, I'm contemplating trying my hand at making my own.  I need at least 40 for each bracelet...

Meanwhile, there's this thing called a day job.  Which requires that I be functional and rested.  So -- I'm putting away the beads, and turning off the computer, and calling it a night.  Say good night, Gracie.  

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