Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Kumihimo and cats

This, of course, is your basic kumihimo setup...

Now -- imagine this with the cords hanging down about 8 inches further.  
And let me introduce you to Max.

Everything about kumihimo just screams "Play time!!!!" to a cat.  Obviously, those bobbins are meant to be batted about.  And the weight?  Just another toy.  Even better if he can manage to sit on my lap and insert himself between me and the kumihimo disk. 

This went on for quite awhile last night, as I tried to braid a bracelet without it ending up on the floor in a tangle of cords.  So far, the score is pretty even -- although if I turn away or put down my work, all bets are off.  I'm thinking there are some beading projects that will have to be done out of the reach of the mischievous Max.


  1. My kitties are famous for stealing my beads off of my work table. They make great toys. And I won't even get into how they react to the needle felting wool and little animal that I make :)

  2. My cat likes to lay on top of any tools I set on my lap... and if I'm working with cording that dangles within his view...I must share with him lol My bird is the bead thief... the cat doesn't care about my beads unless it's to sit on them. the bird steals beads, chain, chews holes in things ...>.< lol


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